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Online, interactive, self-help mental health training

Resources for Organisations

e-hub Health offers online interactive and self-help training programs for individuals who want to improve their mental wellness and learn and practice skills to prevent or manage symptoms of common mental health issues.


By actively supporting the mental well-being of your employees, students, or members, you can improve workplace and employee engagement, and reduce disconnection and absenteeism costs.

Resources for organisations in the workplace
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Online resources for corporations and educational institutions

Promote high quality programs

We encourage all businesses, organisations, and educational institutions to promote moodgym, e-couch and BluePages programs.

e-hub Health’s self-help programs are FREE for all Australians thanks to the Department of Health and Aged Care.

We invite you to review our self-help programs

More Information

e-hub Health’s product information sheets are designed to be shared with your clients, and provide detailed information in a simple Q&A format. 


Click below to download these guides based on the template endorsed by the Australian Commission for Safety and Quality in Healthcare.

Accredited Digital Mental Health Service
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