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Evaluation & Performance

e-hub Health continuously collects and analyses quantitative and qualitative feedback from users about their satisfaction with the programs (including usability and accessibility), as well as user demographics and symptom levels.


User feedback is regularly reviewed and actioned to ensure the safety and quality of the programs continue to meet the needs of participants.

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Program performance and effectiveness report

The program performance and effectiveness report is issued every 6 months, and includes the following topics presented in easily digestible infographics:

  • Service user demographics — number, age, gender, background, location, referral.

  • Service user feedback and satisfaction — what worked, didn’t work, best bits.

  • Symptoms and effectiveness — improvements to screening scores.

  • Delivery performance and program improvements — average response time, web service uptime, upgrades applied.

July - December 2023

Previous reports

January - June 2023

July - December 2022

January - June 2022

July - December 2021

Accredited Digital Mental Health Service
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