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Governance Structure

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e-hub Health’s highest level of governance is the e-hub Health Board.

The Board oversees all aspects of the organisation, ensuring that safety, quality, effectiveness, ethical principles and risk management are taken into account in all business decisions.


While promoting a culture of safety and quality improvement, the Board provides leadership and maintains an effective partnership with program users throughout the organisation’s systems.


The Board delegates certain governance responsibilities to the e-hub Health Clinical Governance Committee and the e-hub Health Safety, Quality and Technical Governance Committee, in accordance with the e-hub Health Clinical Governance Framework and e-hub Health Technical Governance Framework.

Strategic Direction

e-hub Health aims to contribute positively to the global community by providing ethical, safe, and high-quality care in mental health services.

Our mission is to remove barriers to high-quality healthcare.

Our vision is to deliver accessible, online self-help programs that improve the mental health and well-being of individuals worldwide.


We empower users with information and skills to appropriately manage and make decisions about their mental health.


We provide information and training based on scientific evidence and best practice.


We act transparently and maintain confidentiality, fairness, and high moral principles.

Current Goals & Strategy

The e-hub Health Board sets the strategic direction for our organisation to provide ethical, safe, and high-quality care. It defines the safety and quality roles and responsibilities through the implementation and ongoing review of our strategic plan. 


This plan includes our overall strategic direction and main goals:

Deliver online self-help services which provide users with evidence-based information and skills training to prevent or manage the symptoms of common mental health problems.

Continue to strengthen our proven track record of delivery and maintain funding from the Australian Department of Health.

Maximise the safety and quality of service delivery, and continue to strengthen systems and processes as required by the Australian National Safety and Quality Digital Mental Health (NSQDMH) Standards.

Continue to enhance and improve e-hub self-help programs based on user feedback and evolving best practices in digital mental health services.

Accredited Digital Mental Health Service
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