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Online, interactive, self-help mental health training

Self Help for Individuals

e-hub Health offers online self-help programs to improve wellness and manage common mental health issues.

e-hub Health’s self-help programs are FREE for all Australians thanks to the Department of Health and Aged Care.

Why choose e-hub Health self-help programs?

Our programs are user friendly and highly effective

You can access the programs online using any device, anywhere, and at any time

Our programs are evaluated by research groups globally and have been shown to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression

The information you share with our programs is stored securely and kept confidential to protect your privacy

Self-help programs

e-hub Health’s self-help programs can be used to:  

Build resilience and coping skills

Manage common symptoms of depression and anxiety

Prevent mental health problems

Promote well-being

e-hub Health’s product information sheets give you all the information you need about each program, in a simple Q&A format. 


Click the download button to gain access to these PDF guides based on the template endorsed by the Australian Commission for Safety and Quality in Healthcare.

Other resources

Looking for evidence of program effectiveness?

All e-hub Health programs have been evaluated for effectiveness through randomised controlled trials by various research institutions and independent researchers.

Looking for further online support?

Head to Health is a directory provided by the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care to help find online mental health services from Australia’s most trusted organisations.

Accredited Digital Mental Health Service
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